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For 10 years, the Green Business Partnership team has expertly guided businesses through the rigorous and rewarding process of becoming more sustainable in all areas of operation. Our members have become industry leaders and proven that you can reduce your impact on the environment and improve productivity and profitability at the same time.

The Green Business Partnership (GBP) was founded in 2009 as the Westchester Green Business Challenge, a program of the Business Council of Westchester in partnership with Westchester County and Green Team Spirit LLC.  In 2014, we expanded to offer an official green certification. In 2017, responding to widespread demand for access to the GBP’s propriety tools and turnkey system, we relaunched as the Green Business Partnership and made the program available to businesses throughout New York State.

Who should join?

Every organization that leases or owns commercial/industrial space in New York State.

The ROI is clear; a Green Business: 
  • Operates more efficiently, uses fewer resources, and saves money
  • Has access to capital for facility and technology upgrades
  • Attracts top talent and uses teamwork to engage and retain employees
  • Demonstrates corporate citizenship values and enjoys positive community relations
  • Is distinct among competitors
  • Builds trust among consumers