1. Survey Employees – Distribute the GBP “Survey Monkey” to gauge staff behaviors and ideas about operating more sustainably at work. Find out who wants to be on the green team. An email template is provided for the company leader to encourage staff to complete the survey.

  2. Complete the Green Actions List – There are 90 required actions and 119 voluntary ones related to setting policy, taking action and measuring performance in the 7 key areas. Built-in help and resource links are provided for each action step and the online member community provides an additional resource to seek solutions from fellow members.

  3. Perform Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory – The Greenhouse Gas Emissions Tool is designed to inventory the greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) produced by your organization in accordance with the most recent Greenhouse Gas Protocol guidelines (GHG Protocol). Metrics include costs, usage and activity for energy, transportation (business travel, fleet, commuting), waste, water and refrigerants. The data provides a baseline for current and future assessment/analysis of GHG emission reductions and controls as well as the framework to develop organizational policies, set reduction targets and specific strategies to achieve those targets. Sustainability reports can be downloaded directly from the tool providing customized charts and graphs to display performance and share with staff and stakeholders.

  4. Submit Final Presentation – The final presentation provides the opportunity to share your organization’s path and accomplishments toward certification in a format of your choice highlighting the policies, actions and performance results across the seven areas of focus. Final presentations are featured in the Certified Member Showcase and you are encouraged to post to your own website.

Celebrate Success!

  • Upon certification, a dedicated blog post and e-newsletter is distributed to the GBP network and social media platforms announcing your success.
  • Members are encouraged to celebrate the organization’s accomplishment by holding a certification ceremony where local leaders honor your achievement before staff, stakeholders and invited guests.
  • Certified members receive a framed certificate, window/door decals and digital use of the certified seal.
  • Certified members are publicly acknowledged at the GBP Annual Awards Ceremony held in June.

Membership Post-Certification

Sustainability is a journey, not a destination. Members continue to build their businesses and relationships through the WGB program. Benefits include:

  • Annual membership fees drop 50% upon certification
  • Access to “members-only” online community and exclusive networking events
  • Access to WGB web platform and toolkit providing the ability to measure greenhouse gas
    emissions annually, download sustainability reports and demonstrate improvement over time
  • Invitation to host an industry forum
  • Access to WGB staff/expertise and trained interns

For more information, contact Dani Glaser, Program Director, at



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