There are a number of available programs to help companies in Westchester finance energy efficiency and other green improvements.  Please see below for a summary of contacts and an up-to-date lising of current programs that are available to qualifying organizations.

NEW! Empire Clean Cities Funding for Electric Cars and Workplace Charging (PDF)
Empire Clean Cities (formerly New York City and Lower Hudson Valley Clean Communities, Inc.) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit environmental organization with a mission to ensure clean air for future generations. As the designated local US Department of Energy supported Clean Cities coalition, Empire Clean Cities is part of a national network of nearly 100 coalitions dedicated to advancing the nation's economic, environmental, and energy security by reducing petroleum
consumption in the transportation sector. For more information and/or to receive a presentation, please contact: Ryan Lamberg: or 415-418-0964

NEW! Community Solar Program
The PowerMarket offers businesses an easy way to participate in Community Solar and realize higher value from their roof or existing solar asset. The PowerMarket is a Community Solar manager based locally out of NYSERDA-supported Urban Future Lab in New York City. Through a Community Solar program, business owners can build a solar project on their roof and have local households be the effective offtakers at a discount to their normal utility rate. The PowerMarket removes the complexity of this program, so businesses simply collect a higher return for their roof or existing system, while providing local residents or employees with cheaper, local clean energy. Learn more about this initiative by contacting Nick Baudouin at or call 203-247-8097.


Con Edison





Con Edison

Call (877) 870-6118 or visit to learn more about the Con Edison commercial and industrial energy efficiency programs listed below. 

Con Edison Small Business Direct Installation (SBDI) Program
The Con Edison SBDI program is designed to help small business customers save money and save energy. If you are a Con Edison business customer with an average peak monthly electric demand under 100kW, you are elibigle for a free energy efficiency survey of your business, including recommendations on how you can achieve even greater energy and financial savings with incentives of up to 70 percent when you install high efficiency lighting, ballasts and fixtures, retro commission your existing heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) system, and more.

Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Rebate Program
To help you reduce costs and become more energy efficient, Con Edison offers commercial and industrial customers incentives and rebates for installing high-efficiency gas and electric equipment. You can get rebates for certain upgrades, including lighting fixtures; LED exit signs; chillers; packaged heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems; motors; and water and steam boilers. For more information, contact Stephen Campbell at or (646) 628-4761.

Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Custom Program

The Custom Program offers performance-based incentives for cost-effective, energy-efficient technologies not included in the Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Rebate Program. These include implementing energy-efficient electric and gas measures, and funding a portion of a comprehensive energy study for customer facilities. Download a project application form. For more information, contact Stephen Campbell at or (646) 628-4761.

Con Edison Demand Response Programs
The demand for electricity on hot summer days contributes significantly to peak-day generator emissions, installation of costly utility equipment and the purchase of expensive peak-day energy. Con Edison’s new demand reduction programs for commercial and residential customers provide financial incentives for participation and help lower the demand for electricity during peak periods when energy use is at its highest.

Con Edison Targeted Demand Side Management Program

Con Edison’s Targeted Demand Side Management Program encourages business and residential customers in select neighborhoods to use less electricity by offering free or subsidized energy efficiency upgrades.

Con Edison Multi-Family Energy Efficiency Program
The Con Edison Multi-Family Energy Efficiency Program (MFEEP) is designed to help reduce energy costs and promote energy efficiency in small to mid-sized multi-family buildings in New York City and Westchester County. The program is implemented for Con Edison by the Association for Energy Affordability, Inc. (AEA). Buildings that participate in the program can receive financial incentives for approved energy efficiency upgrades to building systems and specified in-unit measures described below. An energy survey is provided to identify opportunities for energy savings. Contact Marvin Church at the Association for Energy Affordability at for more information.


Commercial Implementation Assistance Program
To help companies implement large energy efficiency projects that will reduce their energy costs, NYSERDA is providing financial assistance to commercial facilities, schools, not-for-profits, municipalities, and other types of commercial institutions in New York State.  Facilities can apply to NYSERDA’s program for financial support of up to 50 percent of a project’s cost to complete targeted energy efficiency projects.  A total of $11 million is available for projects under this program. NYSERDA’s support is limited to a maximum of $150,000 per project. Incentives are available for advanced lighting, deep energy retrofits, advances controls, oil space heating upgrades, and measures referred to NYSERDA by local utility programs.

Commercial Tenant Program
NYSERDA’s Commercial Tenant Program (Program) seeks to achieve significant energy efficiency improvements in commercial tenant office spaces particularly during lease negotiations and space design. The Program aims to encourage building owners and tenants to work together to achieve energy efficiency in commercial buildings. To fulfill these goals, entities are eligible to apply for cost-shared support for energy modeling and energy efficiency package development for commercial tenant office space. The Commercial Tenant Program shares the cost of energy modeling. NYSERDA has made $5.75 million available for New York State commercial building owners, managers, tenants, and the architects and engineers that they work with to use energy modeling to develop high performing working environments.

Real Time Energy Management
Real Time Energy Management (RTEM) uses technologies to collect data about a building, and uses that data to optimize the building’s energy usage. Sensors, meters, and other equipment, along with data analytics and building data information services, show how the building is performing at any point in time. NYSERDA provides financial support for RTEM system implementation and services for up to five years. The amount of the cost-share is based on the date that NYSERDA receives the application. A total of $30 million is available.

REV Campus Challenge
The REV Campus Challenge promotes clean energy efforts by recognizing and supporting colleges and universities in New York State that implement clean energy projects and principles on campus, in the classroom, and in surrounding communities.

Solar PV Incentives  
Incentives are available for the installation by Eligible Installers of new grid-connected Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems. The Program is divided into three geographic regions, Long Island, Con Edison territory, and Upstate. Each region is then divided across three sectors, specifically: residential systems up to 25 kW, nonresidential systems up to 200 kW, and nonresidential systems larger than 200 kW (not including PSEG-LI customers). Funding for the Solar Electric Incentive Program (“Program”) has been allocated by the New York State Renewable Portfolio Standard. Incentives will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis, and PV incentive applications will be accepted through December 31, 2023, or until funds are fully committed, whichever comes first.

New Construction Program Financial Incentives  
More than $19 million are available to support building owners who apply on or after March 1, 2016. Support can offset a portion of capital costs to purchase and install energy-efficient equipment that reduces energy consumption in new and substantially renovated commercial buildings in New York State. Because early design intervention yields greater energy efficiency benefits, technical assistance is also available. NYSERDA project managers and regionally based consultants can work with building owners and their design teams to analyze efficiency opportunities for new or substantially renovated commercial buildings. Additional support for green building opportunities is also available.  Applications will be accepted through December 31, 2017 or until funds are fully committed, whichever comes first.

Flexible Technical Assistance (FlexTech) Program  
The FlexTech Program provides credible, objective information and technical assistance to help make informed clean energy investment decisions.  Applications are accepted through December 31, 2017 or until funds are fully committed, whichever comes first.

Green Job Green New York Small Business / Not-for-Profit Energy Efficiency Financing Program
NYSERDA’s Small Commercial Energy Efficiency Program offers small business and not-for-profit organizations two low-interest loan options to finance energy efficiency projects. These financing opportunities help small businesses and not-for-profits access upfront capital to make energy efficiency upgrades in their buildings to improve their energy efficiency and lower their energy bills.

Industrial and Process Efficiency Program
NYSERDA’s Industrial and Process Efficiency (IPE) Program provides performance-based incentives to manufacturers and data centers implementing energy efficiency and process improvements which will reduce your costs.

Combined Heat and Power Program
NYSERDA’s Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Program provides incentives for the installation of grid-connected CHP systems at customer sites that pay the System Benefits Charge (SBC) on their electric bill.  The CHP Program supports an accelerated procurement process where customers select from a set of pre-engineered CHP modules supplied by approved CHP vendors (the Catalog Approach) or the more traditional design/build procurement process specifically for larger CHP systems where requirements are not adequately met by the Catalog Approach (the Custom Approach).

Applications for installation projects 3MW and smaller accepted through 5:00 PM ET on December 31, 2018

Cleaner Greener Communities
NYSERDA requests applications for Cleaner Greener Communities (CGC) Phase II Implementation Grants. The program is open between April-June or until funding runs out. CGC is funded with proceeds from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), the goal of which is to lower greenhouse gas emissions in the Northeast. Phase II of CGC will be instrumental in achieving that goal.

NYSERDA contact for more info: 


Small Business Energy Efficiency Program
Focused on the needs of business customers with demand of less than 100 kilowatts, eligible businesses will receive free energy assessments and 70 percent of the cost of recommended lighting upgrades will be covered. Lighting upgrades could include replacement of existing fluorescent fixtures with higher efficiency lamps and ballasts; changing incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescent lights (CFLs); and upgrading exit signs to light emitting diode (LED) technology.

Local Lenders  & Commercial Programs

Energize NY Finance

The Energy Improvement Corporation (EIC) offers the Energize NY Finance Program to provide attractive financing for property improvements that lower energy consumption.  EIC is a New York State nonprofit local development corporation established specifically to help property owners achieve long-term energy savings and/or generate renewable power for use on site.  Energize NY Finance provides an alternative to traditional loans by offering an innovation called Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing. Under PACE financing, a property owner opts to pay for energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements via a special finance charge added to the property tax bill.  Under the Energize NY Finance Program, energy savings will exceed finance costs from the outset, and loans automatically transfer to the new owner if a property is sold.  The Energize NY Finance Program offers financing for three different kinds of commercially-owned building types: (A) commercial, industrial, institutional, and not-for-profit facilities; (B) small multifamily (1-to-4 unit) buildings; and (C) large multifamily (5+ unit) buildings.  Contact Robert Fischman at or (914) 302-7300.

Community Capital Resources
Community Capital Resources is a Small Business Administration microlender providing loans to start-up and existing businesses in Westchester County. CCR can lend up to $35,000.  CCR’s Green Loan Program targets businesses that wish to reduce their energy bills by undertaking energy savings initiatives.  CCR works with the ConEdison and NYSERDA energy audit programs to fill financing gaps that arise between energy savings project costs and available incentives.  We offer discounted interest rates through the Green Loan Program.  Contact us today:   Tamara Underwood, (914) 747-8020 X 16;  or on our website here.

ACCION USA is a leading provider of loans and financial education to small business owners who cannot access traditional financing. If you want to save energy and money, and improve business profits by going green, an ACCION USA Green Small Business Loan can help. Reduced interest rates are offered to qualified entrepreneurs in New York State to incorporate green products, services or energy saving principles into their business operations. For more information, contact Yan Li Jiang at (646) 833-4541 or


NY Green Bank
The NY Green Bank is a $1B initiative first announced in Governor Cuomo's 2013 State of the State Address. On September 9, 2013, NYSERDA filed a petition with the Public Service Commission seeking the first round of funding to capitalize the Green Bank.

Green Wage Subsidy Initiative - Westchester/Putnam Workforce Investment Board
The Westchester/Putnam Workforce Investment Board (WPWIB) is inviting Green businesses to participate in its Green Wage Subsidy Program (GWSP).  The GWSP assists businesses in Westchester County identify, train and hire qualified candidates to fill current job openings. The program provides up to $15.00 per hour wage subsidy to the employer for each trainee; provides valuable work experience and training for the trainees; and supports the enhancement and development of a skilled workforce to meet the needs of our local businesses.

Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency

Established in 1995, the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE) is an ongoing project of the North Carolina Solar Center and the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC). It is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), primarily through the Office of Planning, Budget and Analysis (PBA). The site is administered by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), which is operated for DOE by the Alliance for Sustainable Energy, LLC.

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